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The Joys of Being Self Employed

So I’m way behind on my effort to give you valuable business and tax advice in the form of a monthly blog article that peaks your interest and solves your tax problems.  Things like filing payroll tax reports, deciding on a new web site and 2010 marketing campaign creep into my to-do list and the monthly blog article falls to the bottom of the list every time.  This being “self employed” life is just great!

You know the drill – waking up in the night to ponder on which health insurance plan you should choose or thinking about how to start a Facebook page to promote your business.  The days of regular steady pay checks and cushy benefit packages are long gone.  In their stead are late nights with Quickbooks trying to process the bills, lunch from the microwave at the desk, calls home to say I’ll be home late again tonight.  It is the up and down cycle of working for yourself.  Maybe it sounds familiar.

My goal in 2010 is to help you brave entrepreneurs who fight the battle every day so that your burden is a little easier.  I want you to be confident that you are making good business decisions and that you have the resources to make those decisions.

Now on the task list for most clients is gathering and processing the 2009 financial data.  Keep your files clean and organized.  Hire someone to help you if this is not your strength.  Organization is the key to finding the information that you need to succeed.  I love to see happy clients come in with up-to-date records that are organized and ready to file 2009 taxes.  If this doesn’t describe you then talk to me about ideas to make this happen.  No business ever grew and thrived in chaos and disorganization.  Strive for the peace of mind that comes with good records.

Here is a task list for business owners in January:
• File 1099 Forms for all persons paid $600 or more for services
• File W-2 forms and annual payroll reports
• Review your asset list to clean up any equipment that is gone, obsolete or not in use
• Prepare and file your personal property tax report
• Clean and store your 2009 data and make room for the new 2010 filing system
• Back up your records and file in a secure and safe place (of course you should do this all the time – but here is a great reminder to do it again)
• If you have inventory – count it and reconcile inventory on hand with your financial statement
Make 2010 your best year ever.  I can’t wait to hear about the business growth and success that we all will see in this New Year.