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Smart Technology for Entrepreneurs

Smart Technology for Entrepreneurs

Technology helps the small business owner work smarter and gives back time so you and your team can spend energy on designing and achieving big goals.  We are constantly researching tools that will make gathering and producing data easier and more efficient for you, the small business owner.

Small business owners need to measure real time productivity so that they can make critical decisions and improve performance.  Once you measure your performance you can match up to benchmarks and compare how you are doing in your industry. There are many innovative software solutions to help you with these important tasks.

Cloud based software has been around for several years and now the power of Artificial Intelligence will streamline your processes even more.  Software that uses the power of AI will add predictive intelligence to help analyze data so that you get good reports to measure your cash flow, overhead, break even and growth compared to prior years all with the power of the machine in less time and effort on your part.

Your entrepreneurial journey can come from many places and your vision of success might be different from the next guy.  Using intelligent and automated software to provide feedback on your budgets and financial models will help you get to that place that you dream about.

Some of our favorite software applications include:

Gusto  – A platform to help you with the difficult task of payroll.  This cloud based software will change the way you think about payroll because it takes away the headache of hiring and managing onboarding and paying employees.  We LOVE Gusto!

Receipt Bank – This cloud based software helps you ditch the paper and data entry.  You just have to take a picture of your receipt with the app to save your important business receipts.  Receipt Bank automatically processes and adds these receipts to your cloud based accounting software. You can also simplify the input of your accounts payable by forwarding invoices received by email to Receipt Bank.   You will be able to do more and do it better by capturing the data so important to your business. We can help you see how Receipt Bank will make your life easier!

TSheets – This is a web-based and mobile time tracking and employee scheduling app.  This app will help you get rid of time cards, payroll spreadsheets. It will help you reduce the time it takes to process payroll.  If you need job costing reports, TSheets has you covered. TSheets integrates with Gusto, QB Online Payroll and other software so that payroll is so much easier.

We can answer any questions you have about how to use technology to make your work easier.  We also can help you implement the tools above.  Give us a call at 503-925-4558.