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Practical Business and Personal Practices for 2009

What are the factors that make your business or your personal life stressful, out of control and chaotic?  Is it the stack of papers on the kitchen counter of bills, invitations and grocery lists and you can’t find the paper you need to sign and send back to your child’s teacher?  Maybe you have projects sitting on your desk and a client calls and needs an answer today, but you can’t seem to find where you placed that file.  Life is full of the unexpected.  How we set ourselves up to deal with the little kinks is what makes us or breaks us.

The key to success in dealing with these frustrations is to dig out of the disorganization by creating systems and processes to handle the paper flow.  A disorganized person forgets to return phone calls, drops the ball, loses files and makes expensive mistakes.  An organized person is put together, professional and on top of things.

Disorganization costs you money in lost opportunities, late tax filings, mistakes on jobs, and lost productivity.  So how, you ask, can you avoid these pitfalls?  Establish a system of checklists and processes for:  1) client contact management 2) filing paperwork, 3) folder and data management on your computer, 4) time management and 5) goal setting.

For many people the process of digging out is painful and traumatic and thus avoided at all costs.  If you find yourself in that boat, find a coach or professional organizer to force you to get through the pain and come out on the other side.  You can’t step on the hot coals and jump back, instead you need to run all the way across the hot coals and cross to the other side.  This requires commitment and perseverance, but the rewards are great because you want to be that person that has it all put together.

If you are in need of some help I have some resources for you.  Check out the NEW ORGANIZING WORKSHOP SERIES offered in Sherwood, OR by organizing expert Vicki Norris.  You can find out more about Vicki at www.RestoringOrder.com.  Vicki has a host of products and hands-on organizing services that will help you tackle some of these issues.  If you are interested in a personal coach to help keep you on task as you thread across the hot coals contact Linda Sandberg at linda@sandbergfarm.com.  She will help you set goals and help you stick to them.  Let’s make 2009 our most organized and productive year ever!