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Cybersecurity Awareness

We take our job seriously and we want the best for our clients.  Part of that job is to protect your information.  Cyber criminals are searching to get access to sensitive information.  We are aware of this threat and want to share with you tips to keep your data safe.

Top five “Don’t Take the Bait” tips:

  1. Don’t disclose sensitive information such as passwords or banking info via email.
  1. Don’t open links in your email unless you are sure of the source. Be careful because often the criminal poses as a company that you know and are familiar with.  Be sure to read the website address and email address carefully before interacting online.  Copy and paste a link or go to the source directly rather than click on a link embedded in an email.
  1. Beware of downloading attachments because they could contain Malware that will download onto your computer.
  1. Be sure the sender of any email that you receive is from a trusted source. Check for spelling variations or added fake variations in the name of the email.
  1. Never send attachments via email that have social security numbers and other sensitive financial information. We always recommend that you use our secure portal to send us your tax and other financial information.