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Business Ingenuity Helps you Rise to New Challenges

Good old summertime is a quiet period in the tax business.  So I take some time to reflect, plan and brainstorm on business practices, tax challenges and the everyday grind that business owners face all throughout the year.  I read articles online and in business journals about business owners who are reviewing all facets of their business to stay ahead of the curve and remain successful in these economic times.

Many business owners are taking action to re-invent their business and they are working in a spirit of co-opetition or cooperative competition.  A common feeling among small business owners is isolation as they struggle to reinvent their business alone.  Some of these business owners have arranged informal meetings with other business associates to talk about marketing ideas, accounting questions, share business leads and brainstorm new ideas.  I find that working in a group is a very effective way to stay fresh and focused on business strategies.  I meet with a group of small business owners, called Biz-Connect, every Tuesday morning in my community.  We set goals together, talk about what works and share information about our successes and struggles.  I find this weekly session works well to lift my spirits and keep me focused, sharp and prepared.

The internet is a rich source of business information and provides a venue for sharing strategy and ideas.  The website BizNik.com has the subtitle “Going it Alone, Together.”  It is a site where entrepreneurs share ideas on a daily basis.  Users post articles on their area of expertise and can post business events in their area.  The key is to stay involved with other business owners in your own community and online by exchanging ideas and helping each other.

In summary, you can create a successful business by reaching out to other entrepreneurs in your area.  Learn from them and also share with others what works for you.  This exchange of mental and emotional support will bring more business to you and to me.  It is all about sharing and leading and watching out for each other.