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Oregon Minimum Wage Increases Friday

The first in a series of scheduled minimum wage increases begins Friday when minimum wage will increase to $9.75 in the Urban/Portland areas.  The new minimum wage system takes effect July 1, 2016. Under the new system the rates gradually increase from 2016 through 2023.   Three tiers of minimum wage…

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What are Estimated Tax Payments?

January 15 is the due date for the final estimated tax payment for 2015 taxes.  I’ve had several clients ask questions about the “rules” regarding estimated tax payments, so here is an explanation. The tax system is a pay-as-you-go tax system, which means that you must pay income tax as…

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2015 Health Insurance Reporting

We started in 2014 to report health insurance coverage on our individual tax returns.  If you were covered by health insurance through your employer or an individual policy, you only needed to check the box to indicate that you had health insurance coverage. If you purchased your health insurance on…

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Tips to Keep your Personal Information Safe

Today I opened a letter that informed me that my husband’s personal information was part of the data breach and info was stolen “in a cyber intrusion.”  The malicious cyber intrusion was carried out against the US Government.  He now has the option to enroll in “free” identity theft and…

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Don’t Fall for New Tax Scam Tricks

One of my clients came in my office this week and she was visibly upset.  She received a call from the “IRS” telling her that she needed to pay her tax bill or she would have to show up to court and possibly go to jail.  Tax scammers are working…

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