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Accounting & Tax Advice

Year End Planning to Protect your Assets

Don't procrastinate your estate planning because it only takes a few minutes to review and make sure you are protecting and preserving assets that will pass on to your heirs.  Review the beneficiaries listed on your individual retirement accounts and/or 401K plans.  About 80% of beneficiary forms on retirement accounts…

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Save taxes by using Qualified Charitable Distributions

Happy Birthday, you turned 70 1/2 and now you are required to start taking money out of your IRA accounts.  The required minimum distributions (RMD) must be taken each year after your 70 ½ birthday.  This rule does not apply to ROTH IRA accounts. Some retirees who have reached that…

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Scary things at your door or mailbox

The “IRS” is calling and the person on the phone says that you owe taxes.  This person offers to help you pay off this debt right now on the phone, just give them your personal banking information.  Another frightening situation is when a person comes to your door and says…

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Jump and Go…Tips for your New Business

Starting a new business is thrilling, just like jumping out of an airplane from 10,000 feet.  You have fears and questions and you don’t know exactly how this all works.  You don’t even know what questions to ask, but you know you need a partner to help you through the…

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