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Accounting & Tax Advice

How to Safeguard your Records

Keeping records safe in an electronic environment is important.  Learning the best method for storing your important financial data will protect you if a disaster strikes or if you get that dreaded letter from the IRS. As a tax preparer I have a fiduciary responsibility to keep your personal information…

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Practical Business and Personal Practices for 2009

What are the factors that make your business or your personal life stressful, out of control and chaotic?  Is it the stack of papers on the kitchen counter of bills, invitations and grocery lists and you can’t find the paper you need to sign and send back to your child’s…

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Five Tips for Taxpayers

You don’t want to pay any more tax that you have to and so here are some tips to help reduce your 2008 tax burden. 1. The 2008 Stimulus Payment that you received last spring or summer is not taxable income to you and most likely you received the correct…

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Washington – Show Me the Money!

Barack Obama is moving quickly as he begins his work in the Oval Office.  First on his agenda is the task of gathering support for his economic stimulus plan.  On January 24, 2009, The New York Times laid out some of the details of the $825 billion spending plan that Obama seeks…

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