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The Payroll Tax Deferral is an Employer’s Dilemma

Should employers allow employees to defer payment of their social security taxes based on the Trump executive order?   Of course, my first response is to say no way!  Employers are the ones who will be stuck with the bill if employees don’t pay or are no longer employees.  Employees will…

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Tips for Hiring a Nanny/Tutor this Fall

Families are heading into the most stressful fall in memory!  Working families are scrambling to find childcare and education assistance for their children since many schools will have some version of virtual learning this fall. Parents are juggling their schedules and seeking options for hiring help at home.  Parents are…

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Seasoned Guides Make all the Difference

I am a girl who loves new adventures, so when I was invited to do a white water rafting trip on the White Salmon River I jumped at the chance.  We immediately started off with a Class 3 rapid, which started the adrenaline early but also got us into a…

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Sherwood Tax is Hiring a Tax Team Leader

We are putting our network in motion to help find a top notch tax team leader to join the Sherwood Tax team. Let’s get real. Most of us didn’t grow up dreaming of becoming tax accountants. However, we continue to find ourselves drawn to the role (and to excel at…

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