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Accounting & Tax Advice

Smart Technology for Entrepreneurs

Technology helps the small business owner work smarter and gives back time so you and your team can spend energy on designing and achieving big goals.  We are constantly researching tools that will make gathering and producing data easier and more efficient for you, the small business owner. Small business…

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2019 Paycheck Check Up

Did you owe more on your 2018 federal tax return then you expected?  This was a result of IRS changes to the withholding tables in 2018. Many taxpayers discovered when they filed their 2018 returns that they unexpectedly owed taxes because the federal withholding on their paychecks decreased significantly.  Those…

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The New Form 1040 – Shorter Doesn’t Equal Easier

The IRS Reduced the Form 1040 to near Postcard-Size (we wish!).  Politicians debate over tax reform and most of us would appreciate a simplification of the tax code.  However, the Tax Cut and Jobs Act, which went into effect in 2018 is not a simplification by any stretch of the…

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Consider Going Virtual to Save Time and Money

New technology used by cloud based software will impact small business in 2019.  It may seem intimidating to make the move to a cloud accounting solution such as Quickbooks Online, but the process can be seamless and very cost effective.  The innovation of artificial intelligence and machine learning will change…

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